Monday, 30 July 2007

i'm in mourning...(well, ok not quiet)

... our hoover died yesterday. A big puff of smoke poured from her insides and she had caught fire. Good job we don't rely on the use of our OH's in an emergency. He just flapped and tried to start evacuation... I turned her off and threw the bath mat on her. It's the third hoover in less than a year...

I have nearly finished Harry Potter too... but am sad to see it end. And I now know what might happen. I've read THAT bit. I guessed it anyway. But it made me cry. In fact alot of the book has made me cry. And once Kevy has read it too - I can finally vent all the moments i've loved, hated, not understood and cried over. One thing i'll add which gives nothing away but has me astounded - when the hell did Ron Weasley get clever???

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shelly b said...

girl...Ron has always been clever...just under used...ha,ha! How about Snape in this...blows me away and I loved every minute of it!! Sorry to hear about your hoover...yikes..3 in a year?