Friday, 17 August 2007

Ben has Moobs...

Ben has 'moobs' (man-boobs)... aren't they just the cutest? I love a little (or not so) chubby baby. The little rolls on his legs and his moobs. Thing is, now he's crawling the whole little rolls thing are going to be gone soon - now he's well and truly on the move.

I have Moobs and I love 'em!

Tomorrow is the Sugar and Spice shop and crop... and I have my gift card full, so £15 of guilt free spending! YAY! Nina has devised the little make - the Shimelle long book! And i'm looking forward to it but haven't printed any piccies out yet.

I have work tonight too... So this morning we went into town and I brought a new pair of black shoes. They are real soft leather, rather like ballet pumps and i'm hoping they are comfy. I am guessing that Friday nights will be pretty busy so here's to hoping my feet will be ok and hoping that tonight maybe i'll be on the bar instead. Waitress-ing just isn't my thing at all. You know me and hot plates do not go together too well. Oh well. Good thing is everyone is super lovely there so thats what counts.

OOOH, today I realised that hey, quiet a few peeps read my blog! Yay. So glad about it. I love blogging and i'm pretty excited that peeps actually read my waffle. No, i'm not a dress type of person. I never have been... my hips are just too lumpy. When I was 16-20 dresses did suit me. But NOW i'm way to fat to carry a dress off.

Yesterday I went and met up with Nina. We had a coffee - well she brought me a large hot choc and she was good with a skinny latte. We put the world to rights and had a good old moan. I really will miss just being able to 'nip' out when Kevy goes back to work in September.

Well ... guess I oughta go and print out my photographs.

P.S. I was thinking about favourite views and chstting about them the other day. My absolutely favourite UK view is when you drive up to Manchester on the M1 and come of and take the 'back' way... You drive through a huge hillside with rolling views of fields, sheep, quainty little stone farm cottages and then heading into the industrial views of Sheffield steel and then back into country side. THAT is my favourite view. It, for me beats ANY beach or anything. It's a view of home. It's a view that makes me feel happy, calm and relaxed. It's breathtaking.


Jo said...

OOh what a cutie Ben is!

And you've been tagged again, but this time by me - see my blog to claim your reward.

Nina said...

Ohhh moobs!
Thanks again for yesterday, my star. x

cafyd said...

Hi, Now I know why you did the page on Moobs at the crop on Sat. What a little smasher!!! Cathy x