Saturday, 11 August 2007

Peechy - how I wish it was...

Peechy from UKS has tagged me - thank you honey!!! Yay! Twice now. Double yay! Thank you to your cool chickas who tag me! Well, anyhow back to Peechy... I feel for her so much, life is very tough atm for her. Just go read her blog ( and see. Life isn't all that peachy for her atm, so sending her thanks, love and hugs at this hard time...
...and now for the nominations please... (lol)
You know what... I can't think atm. I will 'nominate' tonight once my littlies are in bed. And doesn't help I just dropped our new hoover on my foot. OUCH.
P.s. SIL has brought the kids a sandpit. It is the best 'babysitter' ever for Emily. She has sat in there all afternoon and had to be prised out to be showered down. She was green (from suntan lotion) and covered from head to toe in sand. But I had the quietest afternoon i've had for a long time.

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