Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Our little growing project...

...isn't it amazing that the things that we take for granted small people just are in such amazement over them? Emily is fascinated by her cress she is growing. Seeing it every morning and that it has grwon even more! Her face has SO much wonder on it, it's really beautiful to see her curiosity grow and her thirst to know more and more about the world.
I am actually pretty surprised how quickly our cress seeds are growing - the top photo is day one and the bottom one is day two. Today is day three - and our cress are so tall now!!! Yay! Emily is dying to eat them although cress isn't that appetising. Still she is learning all about seeds and growth and enjoying every minute of it.
It's gonna be a cool scrapping little project once we're all grown and eaten too.

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Katy said...

Hey hun!! We miss you! Come back and play!!