Friday, 10 August 2007

Ooooh! Who wants to make a photocube???

I went in to see Sandra today for a while (well, ok nearly two hours!) and we talked about our class options. I know that a few of you want me to do a journalling and doodling class. Well, maybe. Just maybe.

But here goes ONE of our classes at Pandoras.

The photo cube!!! Wow. This one is a fabby puzzler. Great as a desk toy (good for hubbie/partner at work) and much trendier than a photo in a frame or mousemat) We haven't confirmed dates or cost yet but it will probably be a Friday lunch time, I guess unless we get enough call for a Saturday class. It is super easy to make and will take about 2 hours or so but Sandra is really relaxed about times, i'm sure it will be ok to carry on until you've finished the project (as long as you're done before she closes!) ... Please email or call her!!! And book/show interest. And there will be a display copy of the cube in the shop next week - so POP IN and see it for real. Have a play and see if it's for you. (piccie is above)


Peechy said...

what a fabby project!! I love it.

btw, you've been tagged ;o)

Nina said...

Looks fabby! I cant wait to see it in real life!