Tuesday, 21 August 2007

LO's! Eventually!!!

... the lighting is all wrong. I took them at night, which is always a bad thing. I can't seem to get my flash right on my camera - or at least I am never happy with it and so I take piccies with no flash and then, of course unless they are taken in the day they are usually pretty tungsten orange-y... But you get the whole idea of these LO's. The new SoML kit this month is my fave!!! Sorry for no piccie but you know I just had to use it the minute it came. The minute I got my hands on these two precious boxes I just tore them open and used them all. The star papers are to did for. The sei 'kaboom' range (or whatever it is) is so fab and the bam pop rnage needs no intro!!! Wow. It's fab. Thank you Sara for another LUSH kit!


Sandra said...

These are funky! Loving your style hon - just wish I could read the journalling...and who is this hunk you keep photographing LOL!

Nina said...

Ohhhh I NEED my kit now!!