Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Today and tomorrow...

... today I found an email in my yahoo account from one of the girls in our circle journal group... saying she is having money problems and has not been able to post out a CJ until now. I have since felt bad about mine getting to Michelle as, because they travel a way they do take longer than normal - and the royal mail strikes that have been going on for months now can mean some of them have taken a good three weeks to get there. Everyone has problems. Everyone has restrictions with money and time and alsorts - Jess, I am thinking of you and hoping your situation brightens up soon. I totally dig the guilt you are feeling but i'm sure everyone understands... We love you!

Onto money. Yes... I am looking for a real job. It's hard too because now we have no childcare - except school holidays and weekends i'm kinda limited as to where it goes. I have applied to a few places and i'm hoping that something comes up. We have SEVEN birthdays in September and TWO trips to my sisters and my two's birthday parties to pay for (along with car tax, Kevy told me today) so i'm kinda hoping that someone is smiling down on me... Money IS the route of all evil and it's so stressful.

Tomorrow we are off to see baby Ruby - although i'm sure she won't be a 'real' baby any more! I'm sure she has grown and is becoming 'herself'... Awww, I can't wait. So we will be getting up early tomorrow and packing the kids up and heading off to Epping. Yay! Emily is SOOO excited and has drew

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michelle said...

i hope jess isn't too stressed out. i did get the journal safe and sound, but I don't want her to worry about getting them to us, ya know? child care is a nightmare. i am fortunate my dad is so helpful and watches sean the way he does, but i still have to work swings and chris works days so we can minimize daycare. so now childcare is set, but i only see chris 3 days a week. you can't win