Saturday, 25 August 2007

Work, work, work...

I am well and truly knackered. Pre-children I used to be up and out working, partying and 'doing-stuff' all the time. Now I guess that i'm just not used to the sort of stuff i've been doing lately.
Firstly- we have a heap of birthdays in September and a heap of parties to attend and SO much stuff going on. Kev goes back to work, its the twins party, Abbeygail's party, Ben and Emily's party (for which I have to cater, party bags, decorataions... and still get them gifts and wrap them) ... Kerry was having her 30th party but I think it's cancelled... And with these parties it's two trips back home to my sisters and the stress of doing your own kids parties (luckily both in one hit!).
Secondly- Kev goes back to work... good in some ways but then the kids will have a heap of readjustment and me too. But we will get back to 'normality'...
Thirdly- We are decorating our hall, landing, dining room and kitchen (they all sorta lead into one) so our house is pretty much chaos atm. And with two littlies we have limited time to paint and keep their mitts away! I have been filling, sanding and moving furniture for the past two days in my spare time and Kev has just started the glossing today. We HAVE less than two weeks to get it all done (we still have new door handles to choose!?!) and we have a party inbetween too.
Fourthly- (if there is such a word) I have gone to not working at all to having to juggle work... kids... realationships... tiredness (and boy, am I tired!) I worked on last Sunday(2-9pm) and Wednesday night(6-10:45pm) and Friday night(6-11:45pm) and all day today(9am-5pm)... all with no breaks, no food and just racing around like a headless chicken. I am SOOO tired. My feet are so weary - I have pulled a muscle on the top of my left one (I am finding muscles I never knew I had) and i'm just totally feeling just zombie-fied. I also, am feeling that i'm nelecting my kids ALOT. On the upside though I made heaps of tips (-so even if I am run ragged, at least I must be nice and kind... or i'd make zilch in tips) £62!!! And that is without pay. I am guessing though that this is pretty much the BIG perk of the job.

Well, anyhow life is crammed just now. I just made time for an hour of scrapping tonight but no idea when i'll put the one LO I did up and I started another which is deemed to be unfinished for sometime.

So anyway, prior to kids I had worked two jobs - nannied and worked at 'jimmy deans' ... Starting at 5/6am and the finishing at 6/7pm and re-starting at jimmy's 8/9pm til 3/4am... I worked at jimmys on Wed, Fri, Sun nights and nannied Mon-Fri. I can't quiet believe how 'with-it' I was on SO little sleep. But now I guess my body and mind aren't up to it... I thought the sleep-deprivation would be easy. You know I have had that for over three years now with the kids but... well. I'm tired.

CHARITY CROP: go here and book a ticket. It is for a fabby cause. It's a charity crop for the Make-a-Wish charity that fulfil wishes for children who have life threatening illnesses (she used to work for the charity before having the kids!) There are some fab prizes on offer from MM, Hobbycraft, scrapbooking wholesales, UK Sponsor, Make the Moment Last.There is a goodie bag and lots of raffles, challenges and classes.Tickets are £20 and details of times, dates etc are on the link. I WISH I could go!!!!


Nina said...

Awwwww hun dont work too hard but then think of all the stash you can buy with the money!

Anonymous said...

You don't do things by halves do you Paula!!!! Good luck with the decorating, know how you feel, we started the hallway on the May BH and its still not finished!!!! The tips sound great, think of the stash (or tins of paint for the hall!).
Thanks for posting about the charity crop, its going to be great :) Hopefully will see you in October!!!!

shelly b said...

take a bath and relax sista!! but I know how you busy time of the year is starting!

Joanna Butchart said...

After reading all of that i need to go for a lie down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!