Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Miss Ladybug ~ thank you!

Thank you Nina for a lovely day yesterday. I went round to play, lol. I took all my scrapping stuff and only managed to do two little pages (and I didn't finish them) ... My mojo just wasn't working. I was, well we were too busy yapping rather than scrapping. She brought me some yummy stuff too! (piccies later! Just have to dig it out of my heaps of stash bags!) I am so happy! I have thought of a million different ways to use everything - including the funky flower magnets...!
I totally pigged out on fajhitas (sp!!) and then we ate choc and butterscotch dessert, drank lemonade and set the world to rights... And I am in love with her two little poochies. They are super cute.
Thank you for a lovely day Nina. It was fabby.

I finished Harry too on Monday night... I cried a heap. It ended kinda different to how I imagined. Once Kevy has read it I can post fully on how I felt... It was kinda weird and I guess some stuff that would happen... like the Albus Severus bit... OOOH i'm sad now that it's it. How can it be. ?I'm sad that Neville was hardly in it at all. I'm sad that its over. Poo. I'll have to search for some more reading material now. It's got my reading bug flowing. Might go and read Tuesdays with Morrie again. I loved that book too. Mitch Albom has it going on with his writing.


Nina said...

Thank you for coming! I had a truely fab time and cant wait for our next play day. x

shelly b said...

I finished Harry on vacation..cried a ton! I LOVED it!!! Thought it was the best!