Thursday, 4 October 2007

All arranged!

Ok, I have been a busy bee organising stuff for our new Basildon crop! I confirmed the hall today (Nina, it has wheelchair access if your Mummy wants to come along!) I also finished our kit up (ordered some bits anyhow) and am going to post the piccie on here tonight, if I manage to get my photos printed out! (Until then i'm keeping it as a surprise!)

So, our crop:

It's on : 28th of October
At: Luncies Meeting Hall, Luncies Road, Basildon, SS14 1SG (email me/leave a message for directions!)
Time: 10-5pm
Cost: £8 per person with refreshments included

There will be a kit avaliable (I am still pricing it atm, but will have a definate cost on Sunday pm ~ it will be around £4, I think!)

You will need to bring ~ a picnic lunch... (although tesco's is just round the corner for pre-prepaired sandwiches), Scrapping stuff ~ basic tool kits/any projects you are working on or want to share with us... I would love to see what you're working on or have created! And most importantly ~ Yourself!

We will be having Pandora's papercraft there so you may want some cash to buy some yummies!

P.s. I wanna say a B-I-G thank you to both Sandra and Jane who have been alot of help, advice and support in sorting this all out. Thank you xxx

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