Monday, 15 October 2007

I've been playing...

Honestly, the CK computer tricks book/magazine is fab... sometimes alittle difficult to understand but still fairly ace. And tonight i've been playing with a couple of my old photos that I haven't scrapped and changed them slightly to fit the papers I want to use them with ~ I actually thought about dressing my two to fit the papers (which seems pretty sad but i'm sure I won't have been the first to do it) Lol!

So I managed to alter two photographs in about an hour and a half... Kev tried to do one for me but somehow it didn't save properly! I am hopelss at dealing with photoshop, all those little icons just confuse me and I just get frustrated when I can't get it to do exactly what I wanted or had in mind. I just get so frustrated. But I am VERY happy with these two piccies. I just remember those first few flowers of spring and Emily in such amazement ~ this was the first year she really started to notice the little things... I like flowers and started to get inquistive about the world around her. These pics make me smile.

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michelle said...

love your pictures. I find photoshop so hard to use. I have corel paint shop pro and it is SO SUPER EASY to use. I love it.