Wednesday, 24 October 2007


I am super busy this week. It is always the way when Kev is on school holidays. And I have crop to organise still for Sunday. I have kits all half in bags, they still need instructions, buttons and a label on each. Some still need their chipboard cutting and adding. Time just seems to be flying by this week. I cannot thank ALL you ladies enough for the support and help and just the whole interest i'm having about the crop. Lets hope we have a fabby one and keep it going. It's so nice to meet up, create and have a natter with like minded ladies.

I have the Wickford crop tonight and i'm looking forward to it. I have some deadlines for submissions this week too ~ three LO's which seem to be proving harder than I thought for some reason. And my style is evolving again. I'm not sure why it happens. But it is. Somehow i'm getting braver with patterns I would NEVER of placed together before. Oh well. Progression is good, right??!

Managed to get my copy of SI yesterday and SBM. Wow, both have surppassed themselves. I must say that it's the first SI I have REALLY enjoyed in a long time. Some of the articles though I wish could've been longer. Seems I just got into them and they ended but the LO's were fab. Fave - had to be by Cara Medus ~ it was just my sort of bam pop-ey type style I love. (and funny ~ the "be careful Daniel, it's fall-y down there" had me in stiches) Well done girls. And SBM is getting SO much better. It has some truly wonderful designers on there. I do love Anna Bowkiss and Anne Hafferman, they aren't my style completely but their art work is FABBY.

No piccies today. I'm too busy. Just jotting this down so you don't think i've vanished entirely from blogger-dom.

And Michelle ~ laydee! Thank you for tagging me... I will do it later on tonight, that one is cool I saw it on Shelley's blog too...

Bye for now!

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michelle said...

You are on a roll! It's always great when your style can evolve. Scrapbooking changes so much that you seem to have to in order to keep up with everything out there.