Monday, 8 October 2007


You know when you have 'that' email or phone call from someone who once was someone special in your life but then hurt you so much that you cut all ties. That happened yesterday and today. It makes me feel weird and semi-reminiscent but not necessarily in a good way. It made me feel strange, like it seems like just yesterday ~ all these things happened in my life when really it's like nine years ago. Whoa. It's strange. And I do have all these photos to scrap of this time. But it kinda makes me feel betraying to my life now if I did scrap them. Does that make sense? And it's not as if anyone else now, knew me back then. In fact looking back I wouldn't of even recognised myself. I was well and truly wild. Thank god I calmed down.

And then, I think i'm waiting on some REALLY super-dooper news. I am just waiting for a phone call and I am so pumped about it all. I have waited for this for a L-O-N-G time and tomorrow should be the day when my phone rings and .... oooooh I can't wait...


michelle said...

I don't think it would be a betrayal. After all, that was you, your life and times. Those times made you what you are today, right?

Faye1978 said...


I dont think so either. I know exactly what you mean though and how you feel. 5 years ago I was someone completely different and to scrap 'that me' feels like I'm betraying 'me now' because I feel like that wasn't me! (if that makes sense.) But if I hadn't gone through that (I wont call it a phase cos it lasted 23 years), I certainly wouldn't be who I am now.