Friday, 12 October 2007

Old and new.

A sneaky peek of a new little bam pop project i'm working on. These cute little wobblers are glittered with glamour dust and then glossy accented on top which came to me after doing on of the below scalloped circles to show diff techniques... hmmm. Lots more cutting to do but i'm sure it will look super, super cool once i've finished.

This is what i've been doing EVERY evening since Saturday (with the exception of Tuesday night!) ~ punching, cutting, snipping and stamping. And boy, i'm fed up of it...! But I know we'll end up with 16 or so cute little projects and special little keepsakes and THAT is whats keeping me on with it. Hurrah though I do think i've finished now!

These are two old-ish LO's I did a while ago but didn't upload. I guess they kinda aren't my style. I feel bits/something is missing from them but they were simple LO's created for one of my classes... I felt they were easily achieveable for a beginner... I'm not keen on them at all but the piccies make me smile. The top one is 'toadie' from neighbours with a NZ friend Alison and the bottom LO is of the kids I used to nanny for. Bertie (below) was my baby boy, not only was he so darn cute... he was so cuddly too. He was a lovely little boy, along with his two brothers and fabby funky sister.

I'm excited because it's the Sugar and Spice crop on Sunday and it's been ages since I went to a crop (ok, August) and i'm feeling I NEED a day away from home to let my creativity have time to get into it's groove. What with ill children and crop stuff to get ready I seem to have little time for my own projects. This Sunday I am dedicting to my own scrapping projects.
And congrats to my sister who took her thrid year OU exam yesterday. I'm SO proud of her. She is so very, very special. She is so inspirational and strong. I just wanna let her know how much I love her. xxx (lets hope you get the mark you want and that the next three years go just as well)


shelly b said...

Everything looks awesome Polly!!

michelle said...

these are great, it's funny, though, cause LO's I do that I don't like, don't get uploaded. I'm chicken.