Monday, 29 October 2007

A HUGE thank you

to those who came along to my crop yesterday. A BIG thanks to Jane too who helped LOTS and LOTS and really was a star. Thank you.I hope everyone had fun and liked being there. I am hopefully re-running on the Sunday the 25th of November. I have a few ideas kicking around for projects but will let you all know nearer the time!

PICCIES to follow... (except I was pretty dosey and forgot to take them of EVERYONE and only remembered right at the end when half of you had gone home... boo!)

Right at the end... us last few die- hard scrappers... Note: Sarah isn't asleep... just nearly falling off her chair for laughing so much...!

Sorry Dee but you do make me laugh!

Didn't manage to get ANY scrapping done at all. But have sent Kev back to work this morning with a package to post off and am sat in waiting for a parcel to be collected here (we ave been sick bay to my sisters pootie)... What is the betting they turn up at 5:30pm. I hate it when collections are 'vague'. 9am - 5:30pm collections are such a poo.

And check out the tee shirt on this cutie here


michelle said...

congrats on your crop! I'm glad it's going to start becoming a regular thing.

Sandra said...

Mum & I had a lovely time - Looking forward to the next one.