Wednesday, 10 October 2007

I've been tagged by Sandie!

Thank you to Sandie for tagging me! (Sandie can be found here:~
These are the rules.....
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OK. 7 Random facts about me:

1. At the mo, i'm addicted to facebook. (just realising I left the wee village I grew up in 8 years ago and NOTHING has changed at all).
2. We had haddock for supper tonight.
3. I have a weird crush on Danny Dyer.
4. I cannot find my winter boots anywhere.
5. I did three loads of washing today.
6. I drink far too much coke and I really oughta stop.
7. I cannot wait to get my next CJ, as I think it's Shelley Brewer's (yay!).

And I tag:
and Anso - cause her doodling in the BPS is fabby!

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michelle said...

speaking of laundry.. can't wait to do this.