Saturday, 27 October 2007

Last night...

... Kev went out, so I truly spread ALL over our lounge floor and created. This one of Ben, I love the photo. You can see his eyes changing from baby blue to ~ I assume brown and it's the first real time i've 'boy' scrapped with papers JUST for boys. Also tried going back to 3d foam. It so isn't my thing/technique.

I wanted to add more journalling to this but felt it would spoil the 'fluffy~ness' of the LO if I did. I am planning on getting it down on paper though. Sometime very soon.

OOOOH, this has to be my favourite. I started it at crop on Wednesday but you know when it doesn't seem to be working AT all? It was one of those nights. So I bagged it up and left it. I'm so happy I did now. SO happy. On the piccie, shes grimacing alittle and so it kinda looks weird but I altered the pic with the aid of my photoshop book and it really made the bubbles have that petrol-ey shine and colour. I thought the corner rounded edges just softened the piccie and added to the whole 'round' bubbly thingie going on. As with my own scalloped paper ~ makes me think of Jane Dean when I say that. But I was trying to 'doodle' outside of my doodling comfort zone. As too with the heart and the glittered wings... YUM! And at first I just didn't like these thickers - the chipboard ones in the scroll-y font. But now... I LOVE them. You know when something just clicks and you realise you've had this stuff for months now and passed it by...? Well, these were that item. Except now, i'm using them heaps and they are nearly all gone ~ unless anything is spelt xxzgkkpo...!

And ifyou like bam pop ~ take a sneaky peek look at their new stamps:


Sarah (aka monroegirl) said...

Glad you had a good scrapping night yesterday, I love the one of your little boys eyes!!

shelly b said... all the new stuff! awesome work!

michelle said...

wow. I love these! I really need to just get brave and start doodling on my pages. I love that heart with the wings, too!