Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Creativity and a sick bay:

This is my celebration LO... It somehow doesn't work altogether but each element on their own does... So thats how i've pictured it. Seperately. And i'm addicted to these journo spots!!! I SOOOO love them.

WARNING: Rather YUCKY post.....
Our home at the moment is a sick bay. Last night, I was up and down to both Ben and Emily as they were both ill. Kev had put Emily to bed as I said I was going to the Sugar and Spice halloween party over at Barleylands (I only had a small spend~ and will create with them tonight). I orginally had planned to leave around 5:30pm but by the time Kev got in from work, I had a shower and fed the kids... it seemed best for me to hang on ten minutes and put Ben to bed and then go leaving him and Emily up.
He put her to bed and she threw up all in her bed and Ben started crying ~ from what I gather it was pandemonium! In the end both settled somewhat and when I came in at half eight he looked rather fraught. He was going to call me. There I was worried, as it's really the first time Emily has been 'sick' as in not baby puke... And Ben had been v.unsettled too.
And so the fun began. I spent the whole night up and down out of bed to the pair of them and in the end Kev did see to Ben at 6:30am. I managed to get 40 mins of un-interupted sleep ~ bliss! This morning, Emily had her milk but I was apprehensive to give her any breakfast as such and she said she didn't want anything. Glad I didn't, 'cause she then threw up everywhere on the kitchen floor. Yuck. I can deal with poop or bogies... but sick. It makes me wanna too.
So today both of them have been pretty ill. Emily's is coming from her top end and Ben, his bottom... the joys of parenthood, eh?!


Sandie Da Silva said...

Well done on DT and hope kids on the mend soon, oh and you've been tagged! (see my blog!)

Anonymous said...

Hope Emily and Ben bounce back soon (and you get a full nights sleep!) Congratulations on the DT, love the bits you have created :)

michelle said...

I hope they get better soon. I cannot handle puke. seriously, if I even smell it.. aaah..