Friday, 2 January 2009


I feel like bagpuss. Even Emily asked me if i'd like to hibernate. I am just soooo tired. I am also bloomin' freezing!!! When does the weather start to get warmer???

Today we went over to Kevy's parents house as his dad was celebrating his 81st birthday :) Happy Birthday Cyril... As Emily said 'Happy Birthday Stinky Bum'! So we spent to mid-morning and early afternoon with them and Em and Ben's cousin Eloise. It was cut short by a certain little boy who needed a nap but just wasn't willing to give in at his Nans. Routines are all well and good but sometimes, I just wish they were more flexible. I too had a nap in the car on the way home too and am now feeling ever so slightly more refreshed ;)
This was Emily just before Crimbo, dressed for her school Crimbo concert... I can't tell you how happy and excited she was!

And Ben felt he should be able to dress up too... So he toddled around in Snow White's headband for the night.... (matched wonderfully with pirate pj's! )

And lastly, this little mini. I made it a while ago... and have no idea what is going to fill it. I just love the cosmo cowboy papers. I have a whole heap of them and a heap of plastic sheriff badges too. I also think these tinkering ink albums are pretty neat ;) But along with the majority of my mini's this one will probably stay empty....But I do *wub* it!