Monday, 26 January 2009

Poorly. Sick. Ill.

*bleurgggh* I feel grotty.

I have not felt this grotty and just 'done-in' for ages. Like since I was preggo. OMG. No, ha ha... I am NOT preg ;) I feel icky though. I don't have time to feel ill though. I have SOOO much to do. It's all written down. It's all ready to be done. It's just doing it. Think I need a good dose of motivation... :)

So I plan on having today off. Today I shall be trying to recharge. As much as you can when you have two under fives ;) I shall not be tidying the house, I shall not be doing washing and the general ~ i've been at work all weekend and it's just been left ~ clean up. No. I shall do the bare minimum today. I shall not be feeling guilty. It will ALL still be here tomorrow!

So no happy scrapping pics today.

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Anonymous said...

hope you feel better soon xx jo xx