Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A house filled with paper...

I am going to attempt to sort my papers today. I have SOOOO many that I will never use but am too :( to throw them out. I know I ought to just give them to some one who would love them and more importantly use them but I can't. I still have papers from when first started scrapping and cardmaking. Those papers are hiddeous. But I know they won't be thrown out (they are only fit to recycle too...) and i'll keep them. Why?

I will freely admit to being a hoarder. I hate throwing stuff out. I do have a fit though, ever few months and blitz the house and sling stuff out. Then I start collecting again and the cycle continues ;) I think any scrapper out there can agree that at some point we stop scrapping and start collecting.

Today, I am going to be ruthless. I am going to empty the boxes and boxes I have filled with whole sheets of 12" x 12" and the boxes and boxes filled with snipped into 12" x 12" and really think if I like the stuff i've collected but more importantly will I use it...? And then i'm gonna bag them up and sort them into some sensible way. Sensible? Me?

Damn, my Scrapbook inspo mag just came through the door. Maybe all good intentions will be on hold for an hour....

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