Thursday, 29 January 2009

I'm back :)

I feel alot more human! I've felt pretty damn rough for the past few days but the good news is now that the coughing has lifted and the mojo has returned. Which is fabby because I have a whole heap of work to get on with... and of course scrapping for myself too :)

I think what finally shifted the cough was a good dose of chilli chicken, which is delish. Not for the faint hearted tho. It's full of garlic, onions, chillis, along with peppers and of course chicken... It's my fave home cooked meal and I love it ;)

Warning: your breath will stink after eating this... *lol*

But its just delish... *yum* and great for blasting away those winter germs... :)

Last Thursday we celebrated Kev's 33rd birthday... Emily and I baked a carrot cake for him (his fave) and as a surprise he brought home his mum and dad from work so him and me could pop out for something yummy to eat (this post is going to be all about food). We went over to Bas~vegas and had a yummy chinese buffet *slurpp* it was delish! And reminded me of when we went out on our first official 'meet the friends' date. As it was to one of his friends babies christenings to the same chain of restuarants... it was just as nice now as it was then. I had a fluttery moment when Kev thought Jeremy Kyle was eating in there (sad I know!) but it wasn't... he just obviously not a jez kyle fan.

Emily chose for Kev to have a monster party... can't you guess we read Charlie and Lola every night?? And so we found this cute wrapping paper in Sainsburys... I took the tags to use myself! I just love monsters!

This cute bag we found a while back in H&M. I love their kids clothes in there. If you are ever stuck for inspo and are in town, this is the shop to bring it back! I have been known to buy Emily clothes from there just so I can use them in a scrap LO. I am eagerly awaiting Em to outgrow a flocked deer top she has atm...

And this is a little something i've been working on while spluttering away :) I love trees! Maya Road trees are just the best. And after i've used them all... i'm gonna alcohol ink the tin and use it for a mini book holder.

Well, thats it for me right now. I will be back over the weekend to post more scrapping goodness. I have been doing lots, some of which I can't share just yet... I have been making LO's like its going out of fashion and just need to get my sewing machine out to whizz some bits on!

Work tomorrow and Marion is fresh back from CHA so of course, I am going to be grilling her for all the goss. I know that she was bedding down in a $12 a night hotel/motel with Shimelle and Bev so no doubt there were lots of shenannigans :)

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