Thursday, 15 January 2009

Thursday and all is well...

Here is something I finshed up last night. I stitched it all while I watched the department store... that prog is cheesey and reminds me so much of home. Not that i'm a 'ee by gum' yorkshire lass but the whole northern mentality is pretty damn cool. The relaxed way of life and how things just don't have to be 'just-so'. If you get me?! Any how I finished this:

I love this hambly paper. Kraft + Birds = cool combo!

I finished this one up too... I just have sooo much of this felt (in every colour imaginable) and I haven't used it all that much. This font (jewellery box) from thickers just seems to suit it :)

I'm also not usually into cheesey embellies but seens as I made this myself...

And this was from my Studio Calico kit (a couple of months back) I am loving the technique tuesday stamps (and all stamps in general)

Roouching (or however its spelt) ribbon will never go out of fashion in my book. NEVER. And you can't beat a hand stiched button on a LO. Sticking them on just doesn't do. Stitch everything. Thats my motto. And if you've been in a class of mine, you'll know I love stitching ;)

Other than these babies I have been busy with a little secret project *shhhh* and of course wasting half my time on facebook ;) Ooooh and watching CSI. I have to admit to a) being disappointed that Warwick is actually dead. I really enjoyed his character in the last series. The story line was pretty cool. and b) I felt after all the build up to the corrupt cop (or whoever he was) was a let down. It was over so quickly. I was hoping for an x-files kinda scenario. Dragging out the corrupt-ness and secrects through a few episodes if not a few series. I am now wondering if some hottie will replace him. And when Grissom goes will CSI ever be the same?

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Sandra said...

Oh wow Hon. U scrapped piccies of YOU! Yay! Good to see n thanks for your comment. Really good to here from you and Marion. Hope to catch up with you soon. xxx