Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Random happiness on Tuesday... :)


This lil' one had just finished eating two yoghurts and looked so cute ;)

This beauty had just won a 1st prize on her ninten-dogs game :)

This is a double page LO *gasp* yes, I never do these but thought i'd try but it needs
something more on there.... What??!!! Suggestions welcome!!
And thank you Marion for the free wire... how cool and simple is it to use :)

And this little baby is a LO I finished up last night. I have gone back onto doodling.
I found the (dreadful) photo a while back and wanted to create a LO to remind me of my
' youff '. I think this sums it up. I doodled and wrote all over the things that this photo
reminded me of. Happy times :)

And heres a couple to giggle at. I am trying to find an old nokia charger to charge the second
phone. I know it holds some fabby piccies. Pics that will make me blush in shame
but fill my heart with happy memories...
My phone now. Not a fab camera but I love green!!

My first camera phone. The first camera phone. And it holds piccies from 2002. Me with
the biggest blackest eye you have ever seen. Piccies of Jimmies. Piccies of old, old
friends. And I have already started one of the cutest albums of this time (and
desperately want the pics) The album is a scalloped A4 making memories kraft coloured
album. Too cute. I am planning on making it just a basic pp, card and stamped
album... projects don't always turn out how you imagine them but
thats exactly what I have in mind. Plus these piccies will be super funny if I was to pop
them onto my facebook account... LOL.
And the plan for today? ipod music playing, two very happy kiddos. Lots of jobs to do, tidying up being the main one. I also had some very happy news last night too. My bestest ever sister is coming to stay with us at the beginning of the summer hols... it sounds an age away but it isn't. Her ex-other half is taking her kiddos away on hols and so she can come and stay!! :) *yay*. We need to finalise dates and stuff but it has made me so happy. Emily is also toooooo excited except she thinks she's coming today. Happy times :)


Rachel said...

Love your "Drunkeness" Lo with all the doodeling! That is awesome :) Super fun!

Veronica Starr said...

those LO's rock! love the double page one!