Monday, 12 January 2009

Weekends = Madness.

I managed to get this done on Friday night and finished it off today... I used heat embossing (remember that old technique?) I have forgot how good it looks with certain stamps and embossing powders. *note to self: must do heat embossing more* I'm not too sure that I did the photo justice. I have been saving this pic for so long (since 2002!) and felt now was the time to scrap it. Jill is my bestest sis ever and I wanted to pour some love into the LO. I love the sassafras papers (and have so many of them) in fact i'd be quiet happy to use them on every LO from now until eternity but somehow I don't think hedgehogs go with everything... I mainly used sassafras, some hambly, some bazzill, and some packaging from prima. The little loving birdies were from etsy... how cute are they? And a little hand stitching to finish it off :)
This arrived this morning...

I swiftly opened this box of goodies :) I was so pleased with it arriving as last night I started a beautiful valentines book which the Ali E stamps will go with. They are just perfect. Also I ordered the cutest winter little stamp from them too... I seem to have missed it last time... I also got a couple of add ons and so tonight I will be busy looking through it all! (Not using it, of course lol).
And thank you beautiful ladies for the paper advice... i'm still not sure what route to take! Mine is covering the whole of the dining room table at this exact moment. Well, apart from a small corner which I am squidged in and typing this post. I have been thinking of getting a scrapping unit or a paper unit? Just so they are stored 'away' but still accessible... *unsure*

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