Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Paper saved my life.

It's true. You know when your life just becomes still. When the whole party scene is over. You have actually grown and you're thinking where to go now. I had like the maddess teenage and early 20's. I never had a night in from the age of like 15. It was one huge party. And then I stopped. I think it was caused by a broken heart. Not just by the random boy that started the ball rolling but by a whole series of events. New Years 2002/3 is when my life kinda stopped. For nine months I was like just bearly living. I worked hard. I slept alot and generally I didn't do much more. And I met alot of peeps. Alot of lovely peeps. Some pretty crabby peeps... and I met Kev. Who actually saw me how I am. But anyhow. It was a dark point in my life and I had known my love of paper before then but right then I found it properly. You know how you just know that this hobby is actually going to become your life. Paper saved me. Like really.

And I don't just mean that 'just' paper saved me. Its the peeps with the paper too. Like the gals i chat with at crop. Like the peeps I chat wth on line about the new October Afternoon ranges or the sassafras randomness. Or just like where they are going to while out at CHA :( I am sooo sad that you are not around the corner to just pop and see. Like how. Even when there is a few thousand miles between us, a god awful time zone diff. We know how each other is. All through the love of paper. Paper did actual save me. You know the me that will do crazy random acts. Like asking you what your celebratory dance would be if you won the lotto.

So in homeage to paper here are some of the best girls around and inspiraiton that I love. My fave place for inspo is here : The gallery is just out of this world over there. So many talented girls in one place :) I just sometimes wish the time difference wasn't such an issue. And of course the whole, nearly half way around the world thing... :(

I also love this girl I love just how darn random things get.
This cutie and her fabby, truly amazing, world changing sista SHE is A~mazing.
And this laydee she is just out of this world, freakin' amazingly so.
And this funki~licious laydee
And lastly this place too... :)

And of course, if you have a few days to waste... you can always look here And if you're after a few belly laughs and paper hasn't saved you yet (like you Jill), join here OMG, how many weirdy school friends are on there? And of course keeping up with current friends, where ever in the world you may be :)

So this post is FULL of inspo, just not here. Right now i'm up-neck in stash. I'm still trying to re-organise it. After like nearly a whole month of re-organisation. It's not right. I have thought about buying an expedit to try and attempt to store it. I have no idea if it'd work?? But you know what. It makes me happy :) I just wanna say how much I love paper and how much paper actually really did save my life.

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Anonymous said...

Aren't you sweet! I LOVE etsy, and facebook. I didn't have a wild childhood, but I can say I feel the same way about paper and the scrapbooking community. I'm going to check out your other links!