Monday, 5 January 2009

Back to normality...

... Today Kev went back to work and i'm at home with our two littlies :) Emily goes back to school this afternoon and everyone is happy. I got a lie in this morning, until a very lovely hour of 8:20am... which is far better than the past 9 mornings when i've braved the ice and been out of the house at 6am.

Yesterday work was as stressful as ever. No one is organised in there. No one is bothered about anyone else but themselves. I had a pretty hard day yesterday with one thing and another, I am sure that anyone who works mainly with the elderly realise that the majority of their families don't actually care for them. Yesterday it hit home. I shed tears, which is the first time that i've acually had a 'moment' there. Still I have a whole 6 days away from the place to recharge and gather myself together.

On Friday I start back at Sugar and Spice and it can't come around quick enough! I have two classes to put to Marion and then to make them up in the goodies from the shop.

I started on a '2009' book on Saturday night, inspired by Breanne Crawford (her journo'ing is just heart warming) and so will post pics later. I am going to fill it with goal and achievement goodness. 2009 is going to be a golden year and not like 2008 and all the stress that filled it. No more health problems and operations. No more realtionship issues. More friendships, more fun and more being happy. More doing things for me and my family and less worrying about what everyone else may think.

AND 33 days til I go away on a scrapping hol!!!!!