Thursday, 8 January 2009

Domestic Goddess *Huh, whats that??*

I have been very busy this morning. Between chatting on facebook, rescuing our mountain goat (Ben has discovered his love of climbing again and insists on shouting Ta-dar! at the top of his lungs once he's reach the summit) and planning how to tidy my paper... I took some piccies and did the hugest pile of ironing, cleaned up, washed up, made lunch and played with Em and Ben. I have been super woman today ;)

This all needs to be sorted. Each of these boxes are crammed full. All kits and stash buys mingled and in need of some tlc! These are the things that need to find a home.. except my scrapping supplies home is full already. I want to hear suggestions on how to store my paper so I use it!! I tend to store it away and then forget about it and when I finally dig it out, realise that I don't like it any more. :(

Huge ironing pile, tackled, tamed and ready to be put away...!

This little baby is what i've been working on too, I need to fill it with piccies and stuff but i'd pretty pleased with the cover. It was inspired by Jayne and her 'lust book'. I will not be having Alan Rickman in mine though! :yuck:

And so, thats me for today... Tomorrow I will be at Sugar and Spice and not filling my day
tidying and playing with the kiddos and on facebook. I shall be working hard
Catching up with all the news but still having fun!!! I am going to try and remember to
take my camera so that I can take some lovely pics to pop on here... :)


michelle said...

you and mean have been laundry mavens.. seriously spent 2 days doing laundry. I tried sorting my paper via manufacturer but they are all put away on a shelf and i have piles like that still sitting on the floor. i don't there is a good system.

Anonymous said...

How about you send some paper my way - that will help you a bit! haha. I sort my paper by color in those upright cropper hopper things. But I constantly purge so that I don't have more than 7 of them.