Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year :)

Happy New Year!!!
Today i've been busy working at L/C. Working hard and since 6:30am...! Last night I didn't even manage to see the new year in... except with a few zzzzzzz's. I was totally knackered last night and fell asleep with the lights on and tv and eveything. Only three more mornings at 5:20am :) :) :) I can't tell you how happy that makes me feel. ONLY 3 more early starts. I am well and truly counting my blessings that my two beautiful kiddos are late risers. Still my bank balance will be very healthy. And I can honestly say that apart from Monday morning... the rest of the time has been a breeze and tbh pretty non-stressful. I still have three days to go though so I won't hold my breath. Anyhow...
These are all the projects i've been working on lately...

(I have a whole heap of uploading to do ;) See, I hadn't fell of the face of the blogging earth)

This is my album, crammed full with 40+ LO's and I mean crammed. I love these albums but need a couple more at least. I love them far more than the post bound ones. Yes, they are pretty but with these I think you can add so much more, LO's sit better in them and or course... who doesn't love decorating them??!!

This was Ben on his first Christmas, back in 2006 *gasp* has it really been that long???

And these are just little peeks at things i've done... my fave bits from that bursting, full album! :)

This one is pretty poorly photographed... but I haven't seen much natural light today! You can't really get the full effect of the cute MM glitter letters.

But don't you just agree that he's fit? ;)

On that note... i'll leave you to drool... :) ha ha.