Monday, 5 January 2009

Lazy Monday Afternoons...

I am still having to use my flash, even though this was taken at 3pm this afternoon. I can't believe how little light there is today. And how icy it is out. The snow has turned completely to ice and now the little jitty's to Emilys school are like skating rinks... ;)

Here, as promised is the little book I am working on atm. Papers and supplies partly taken from the Dec SoML kit and Studio Calico kit and then a few of my own goodies thrown in :) The cute brass charm was from etsy... and there are hundreds of diff sorts if you have the time to search i'm sure there are a few 100 that might take your fancy.
Have any of you made any resolutions this year? I am making goals. I plan to loose more weight. After shedding a stone last year and so far (although I haven't weighed myself in a while) have kept it off and plan to do the same again this year. It will probably be another slim fast blitz. I know that in 3 or so weeks I can loose a stone, ideally I need to loose more than a stone tho ;) but it's a start and a goal for 2009. Another few goals are to try to keep to deadlines I set myself, decorate Emily's bedroom, redecorate the lounge, finally organise and tidy my scrapping supplies *lol* and use more of my stash rather than collect it!!! Another goal would be to get onto a DT of some sort... but who knows whats round the corner??

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