Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Happy Inauguration Day

To those of you in the States and whoever may be reading this... Happy Inauguration Day!! Today should be a happy and celebrated day :) That the States just may have got their groove back. Not only does President Obama seem like a gentle, kind and down to earth kinda guy, he's simply making history.

Right now, i'm trying to upload songs to my itunes/ipod. It's too time consuming. I have so much to do and instead of getting on with it... i'm battling with technology and blogging LOL.

And i have just taken some self-portraits. OMG. When did I start to look old and look like my mother?? Ok, I have always looked like my mum. But hey, I never wanted to look like I was getting old! ;)

I am still waiting on an e.mail. I wanna shout from the roof tops happy news but until I see it in print. I will keep shtum. *sigh* And blast you freecycle who keep fooling me. Flooding my inbox. STOP!

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