Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Being Grateful.

I am grateful that this little boy is safe and well after our nightmare-ish Christmas.

We have all had bad colds and coughs and felt ill all over Christmas. Just when you don't want to be ill!

Last week though Ben became ill and was much, much worse than any of us but it was his first time being ill and so we just assumed he would be ok. On Saturday though he was so lethargic, not moving and had a huge high temperature. I spoke to NHS direct and they assured me he would be ok and to up his medicine doses and just keep an eye on him. He was far from alright. We took him into hosiptal ourselves and sat in A & E for a while until we got seen, I feel for the people who work there/have to go there cause their kiddos/they are ill becasue its not nice!
Ben was taken straight through and put on a ventilator because he couldn't breathe properly. We waited another age and eventually the doctor came to see him, he was very, very poorly as we all knew. They sent for the paediatric doc and we were rushed into infant recusitation. Ben was very ill and I have never been so scared in my whole life. Nothing prepares you for not being able to help your child when they are really ill. All I could do was clutch onto him and hope and pray everything would be ok. Ben had a bad case of croup which I had kinda guessed before we went in, as we were getting into the car to go I said to Kev that I thought it was croup.
So we spent the weekend in a tizz and they let us out yesterday after Ben having steroids and being observed every ten minutes. I am so glad he is abit better. And we're home and he is still no able to do much, he's not really moving and he isn't eating still but he is drinking milk and weak juice.
I am grateful that he is ok. That he will be ok and that we managed to get through it all. I am grateful to the nurses and doctors who took care of him and helped him. I'm grateful for the support we had from them and family and the other parents in there.
I hope too all the other children who were on the ward with Ben are ok and well. xxx


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear Ben was so ill over Christmas, hope he is on the mend now :) along with the rest of you! See you in the New year :)

Karen Russell said...

Just wanted to say that I hope your little guy is doing better.

Happy New Year,


sunshine and curls said...

Hope Ben is feeling alot better croup is a terrible illness very scary for the child and parents both my boys have had croup, I know how you feel and yes the doctors and nurses are worth there weight in gold. take care love from cara X

cantstopstampin said...

STUPID STUPID NHS DIRECT - thank goodness you took him to hospital, hope you are all feeling much better now especially the little one.

domestic goddess said...

so glad Ben is on the mend, how awfuly scary for you all
anna xx

michelle said...

omg! i am so glad he is doing better! I can't believe they first people you took him to just kept telling you to up his meds! take care! hugs

Nina said...

Oh hun! Hope you are all ok now. I will give you a call over the weekend.big hugs x

tillyboo said...

I feel for you as we had a scare with our little girl in 2006. She had a big lump in her lymph node in her neck and was initially being tested for leaukeamia.
How scared were we ? All was well in the end but we had 6 months of fright.

I am so glad your little boy is on the mend, croup is a frightening condition, it must have been terrifying for you.
So glad everything is OK for you