Friday, 25 January 2008

No news is good news, right?

...except I think it's bad news. I've had no call at all about the job I went for on Tuesday. I guess that the mail today will tell all, maybe a letter saying i've been unsuccesful? But if not and I receive no call today; i'm taking it that I didn't get the job.
It obviously wasn't meant to be. There will be something else more suitable right round the corner... I hope.

Any CHA sneeky peeks taking your fancy?? None have really been screaming to me that I want to buy them. Except maybe the bo bunny xtreme teen... except the whole 'xtreme' thingie just makes me cringe. But I spotted the skulls and I love skulls. Maybe the heidi swapp pink hearts paper ~ it looks cute... But I'm waiting and holding out for Hambly. There hasn't been anything of theres I haven't liked or used (ok, I do have a sheet of orange sparkly dandelion paper but that is just TOO gorgeous to use)... I just love them. They just have the best products, the quality is super, super special and I just think they are funky and up to date. I shall be waiting eagerly for their releases.

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michelle said...

I think everything is starting to look the same. it's bright, it's floral, I dunno. I guess I just have to see them in person to decide. Cause it's not like I don't have enough paper as it is.