Monday, 14 January 2008

I got it! (kinda!)

Don't ask me how... but I did (well, actually Kev showed me how to download these free digi elements from two peas) and now i'm waiting for the stuff I brought 'cause I was so pleased that techno~phobe me managed to use it!! I brought robots *wub*!) I'm about to burst with pride, from this little little milestone in the form of digi scrapping. (I will say again, no way am I giving up paper!) But just look!

This technique was in CK, although I did it without looking at the magazine and used the free digi frame I downloaded this evening... The piccie isn't the best to go with the frame BUT you get the idea. How it will look when I go out and seek some cool, funky autumn frames... *wub*

And this was so simple!!! (ok, once I knew how!)

I think I just love this altering, photoshop thingie... even though it totally baffles me.

p.s. I did manage to download a ton of fonts too... I even got spiderpig in dingbats for Emily. (She is crazy, mad for spiderpig atm) Check out 'carnevalee freakshow' on Da Font... Super funky.


michelle said...

those are great. love that frame. I can barely get through photoshop, it's so complicated!

Nina said...

They look fab hun!
I am poop with photoshop too, so confusing!

Ruth said...

wow I love these 2 photos--never got the hang of it myself