Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Fingers crossed.

I had a secret. I was going to keep it all hush, hush because I just don't want to get my hopes up at all... I went for a job interview today. Last night I nearly cancelled the whole thing. I just went into a panic mode and couldn't remember any of the 27 minimum care standards, any issues with community care and felt I had no care management skills what-so-ever. I guess being out of work for 4 years and being a SAHM has done that to me and not that being a SAHM isn't the most IMORTANT job in the whole wide world but I need to do more, I need to get out and most of all I need the money and the freedom it will bring.

So today we got up early and I went off for my interview. There were only two applicants that were being interviewed. Me and another. She had the appointment before mine and didn't show up. Does this work in my favour???

So after all the problems with childcare issues _ we have an enormous amount of issues there. And not being able to pay a childminder who, quiet rightly would want at least £240 a week to have my two... It seems to be ok. the hours seem suitable, the people seem nice and most of all the job sounds challenging and something brand spanking new for me to get on with... And so she gave me the hours sheet... is that a good sign? She told me the hourly rate and that during the training period it would be half of the intial rate. She told me that its 21 days per year holiday AND an additional days because we are expected to work bank holidays... She told me that her supervisor may wish to interview me and run through manual handling with me.... Is all this sounding good???

Oh, I hate this. I've been out of the job circuit for SOOO long it just seems so hard to read things now. She said she would call me either tomorrow or Thursday. I guess if she does it means i've been sucessful.

Fingers crossed.

I have also been shortlisted for an assitant health visitor position too... hooray!

p.s. I will photograph the inside of my house tomorrow when I actually have some daylight.


michelle said...

this sounds so promising! I am praying you get it girl! I hate that waiting game, too. I've had my job long enough that I wouldn't know to do on an interview! good luck sista!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! It sounds like they really like you. Can't wait to find out!

Nina said...

Polster! I am so proud of you! You are so brave even to go to the interview!
Will you save me a seatr tonight? x

Sandra said...

You go girl! I have everything crossed for you. It's all going to come right this year hon - I just know it!

sunshine and curls said...

oh i hope you get the job will keep my fingers crossed X