Thursday, 24 January 2008

Today is a completely brand spankin' new day!

After the misery I felt yesterday, I know today is the day you pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get on with life.

Last night I went to crop. I just love chatting and thats all I did. I hadn't seen Nina since before Christmas and so I nattered, told her about Ben. We both had a little cry about stuff in our lives and just generally did no scrapping at all. Not that it really bothered me that I didn't scrap, sometimes it's just good to talk, vent and have a pair of fresh eyes look on your problems (and to hear others and then you realise your problems are pretty insignificant)... It was good to catch up and just to have someone understand where I was coming from. Thank you ~ and sorry for stealing your precious scrapping time!!!

There was also the 'stamping-up' stuff there, I can't say i'm overly excited by it all. I just am pretty much over wooden mounted stamps. They take up too much room. You can't wash them with soap and water and they are much more costly than acrylic ones. I also find the wooden mounted ones are often more for card makers than scrappers. Don't get me wrong I could've easily spent loads... and they had some fabby papers... BUT I can't say I really, really, really wanted them.

Jane also came with a little surprise:

Thank you!!! I love them! I plan to try and do something with them when I put Benji to bed this afto!

And then crop ended. I had manged to matt one photo and stick it onto a LO, in pre to title it, embellie it and allsorts. But not a chance! I had a fab time though.

And today.... we haven't done much. I am busy trying to keep the house tidy around Ben, who is hell-bent on destroying our lounge. Every toy has to be out at least four times a day... I spend the whole day picking up 100 wooden blocks, book, figures, rupert bear, trucks, cars, postman pat etc... I makes me think my kiddo's need less toys!

And for those lovely, kind comments about the house book... here is two pieces from the inside:

Books: We have SO many. We have three huge huge 7ft ish bookcases that are full and a smaller one in Emily's room thats full to bursting! I love books. Any book too. I'm glad the kiddo's both have a love of books as well. I just wish Kev shared our enthusiasm instead of moaning about the books that clutter our lovely home!

And this. Emily has an obsession with this purple heffalump. Aka. Lumpy. She loves him. And so each birthday, Crimbo, Easter, Valentines she has had a new one to add to her collection. We have an enermous amount of these purple things. Ranging from huge to tiny. She has them all in her bed, there is little room for herself but she loves them all... Lumpy is apart of our family.


Magpie said...

Glad the crop was such a lift to your spirits. It is soooo hard to lose a parent. You just never stop missing them, even when it's been years! {{{hugs}}}

Nina said...

Hi hun,
hope you are ok after our little crying session at the crop last night. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the job???

michelle said...

It's always nice to get together with your girls and just let it all out. bookcases are next on my list. we have 100s of books just sitting in the garage cause we have no where to put them.. one day.