Friday, 18 January 2008

Boys are lazy.

This is how I often find Ben when I go back into our lounge. Yes, he can climb. He thinks it's the best-est fun to climb on the sofa and laze about... When I go in though he starts bouncing on his knees and I worry he'll fall off; so I rush over and in a panic which he finds hysterical. As you can tell. I think he is well and truly back to his old self now. And although the whole climbing thing worries me half to death that he's gonna fall and have the biggest bumps BUT i'm glad and greatful that he's better. He's his usual happy, cheeky and lazy self.


michelle said...

aah! I think I would rather have them laid out like this than bouncing all over the place or jumping off the stairs - scares me to death too! so glad he is feeling better.

sunshine and curls said...

he does look better so pleased. boys do like to jump both of my boys used to scare me like that, must be a boy thing !