Monday, 28 January 2008

Lots of things...

I have been creating and making these beauties... (i'm not sure that my mojo is bad but it appears that stress helps me to create.)

I'm not sure about this one... I think its the cardstock I don't like that much... and the fact its SO empty. hmmm. Oh well. No one said making was an exact science.

This piccie makes me laugh, Sandra said the one of Kev made her laugh more. (a few posts back) and how dis-interested he seemed with Emily leaping around like a wild beast. She is sad the x-factor has ended. She had even learnt how to write 'x's' in homage to the show. Ha ha. This little mite now is learning her ABC's and thinks X is for x-factor :)

I did this one (above) sat in front of the news that the Southern states in American were voting on their presidency. I don't understand it all, politics has never been my forte but I can't help thinking about how westernised the Country is, yet how stuck in the past they are. And of course it was Martin Luther King day a week ago too.

You can't quiet see how raised and textured it is. I have got back into 3D foam. I have rolls of the stuff and now am using it all on LO's. With this one the cardstock frame is raised on 3D foam, this stickers around the edge and then there are heaps of brads, buttons, sparkles, chipboard and felt jiust adding to the whole LO.

My sister amazes me. I spoke to her last night and we laughed, as usual. No matter how stressful life gets and how much stuff happens we still laugh. Which is important to a good friendship. We are more than just sisters. I wanted to use this LO to express how I feel about her. All the little buttons, gems, sparklies and everything yummy on here I guess represents how sparkly and special she is. I have a huge letter to her to go onto the back which says so much stuff about our lives during our childhoods and now. I just wanted to let her know how much I love her.

I have had news about the job. I got in touch with them this morning, just because I couldn't wait any longer. I know I thought I would wait until the afternoon BUT you know how impatient I am. When I have set my mind to something I want I just do nothing but think about it. I eat, sleep and breathe the whole thing. And so thats what i've been doing, hence the stress and hence the amount of LO's! (stress can be a good thing!). SOOoooooo! She has another interview this week. She will let me know on Friday.... Fingers crossed for Friday because I do want this job.

Crop went well! We all had a good natter... I think it's sometimes why alot of us scrapbook. It's a social thing too... We talk to like minded women, well usually women. So we set the world to rights yesterday. We all nattered about life, our Crimbo's, stash and the usual chatter. I made a yummy choccie cake, that I think went down well?!! And I managed to get one LO finished and started another.

Right-e-o. Gotta get some stuff done and feed my two kiddo's!


Sandra said...

Hey Paula. Had a lovely time yesterday at crop. Cake was defo the star!! I am loving Jill's LO and totally with you on the 3d foam. Rooting for you for Friday. Take care hon. x

michelle said...

These layouts came out fantastic! Look how cute your girlie is! love the rainbow and pony, too. Your tribute to your sis is so awesome, I love it. I think I'll have to do something like that, too.