Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Catch up. (and tmi) And randomness.

Random pics i've not had time to share...

I'm sure Emily has my mums 'mad' gene. Mad, as in she wants to dress up the whole time. Her alter~ego today was kitty cat.

This boy is well and truly on the mend and back into touching... Nan's house is no longer safe... Didn't he look super cute on Crimbo day??

These have finally gone to Santa. We had a few tears but not nearly as many as i'd expected. AND we have only asked for them once... I'm so proud of her. (bear in mind she has Ben flaunting his wooooooo-dies in her face all the time)

But she was impressed that Santa ex changed said wooodies for Charlie and Lola loot. It has been her 'completely best' present (or one of a long list).

This boy just didn't get what all the hype was about...

I have been playing catch up all day. It's already Tuesday and I haven't started my jobs for this week yet. On Sunday night I felt really ill and schulked off to bed earlier than normal and felt like I was going to die... no exagerration. I worshipped the porcelaine god all night long and the majority of Monday morning. I felt as rough as a badgers bum. I called Kev, who had gone to work (!) and he came home. I slept all day between loo visiting sessions. bllllleuurrgggh. I hate being ill.

I managed to go downstairs and slowly put Ben and Em to bed then go back and being a dying fly and fell alseep by 9pm. I don't think i've ever slept for as long.

So today, I still feel rather bagders bum-ish... but i'm on the mend.

And I have a huge L-O-N-G list of stuff to do. And I am well and truly fed up of chasing up stuff and relying on peeps who aren't reliable. Such as: people actually paying you for a job you did in September, filling in a tax return, housework (which can always wait), a mountain of washing... an enormous amount of scrapping (except Kev has hidden the printer cable... ), letter printing (again, no printer cable! GRR) and heaps more jobs which involve actually getting out of the house and visiting/collecting things. And so this list is growing.

Wanna know what Santa brought me... A BIA! a sewing machine, perfume, chocs, a v.v.v. hillarious calendar of Russell 'mouse' Brand and a heap of alcoholic goodies and smellies... Thank you Santa, it appears I had been a very good girl this year. x


sunshine and curls said...

Hope you are feeling better. sounds like you are busy how rude not to pay you from september !

michelle said...

Hope you are feeling better and I am sooo super happy that Ben is up and moving around, getting into everything! I am glad that santa was good you, you must've been good, right? I think when it comes to household chores there is just a neverending list, so just take them off the list! You have to do them no matter what! Have a great week lady!