Monday, 14 January 2008

Photoshop, digi scrapping and yummy-ness.

Firstly, Ben is on the mend. We are cutting teeth atm and getting over the sickness bug and finally I think his cough has gone. It has been replaced by him being my limpet though. He has taken to being v.tearful at night now and not very settled, last night was the first he didn't wake at all. Lets hope it continues, cause otherwise we have a tired unhappy little man everyday who is no fun. Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers and kind words... and for those of you who have seen me... Sorry for the blubbing. x

I made this on Saturday night while I had a crime-fest. CSI and Law and Order. It was using all scraps, except the base sheet of pp. A piccie I had wanted to scrap for a long while now and just a few hours later it came to this. I think atm my LO's take on lives of their own. They just become what they are, rather than me having the idea and it turning out exactly like that... You can't see there is lots of handstiching (rather machine like tho) on there and it's holding a piece of embossed vellum which actually covered the photograph. It's embossed with the cutest little bows and dots. It's very, very pretty. I felt awful cutting it but then did think otherwise it would be rotting away in a box somewhere... never to be seen. If you read the post on about 'that paper', where for years she's saved these expensive papers. Never dared use them because they were 'too precious' or 'too special'... well now she won't use them because they are too out of date, too hideous... I guess thats what made me chop it up (I actually am making it sound way worse than it is, I just took a crumpled edge off... less than a centimetre... it felt like I was chopping it, ok?) I've had this mentality since i've been stash dieting (June 2007) I've used old stash, 'precious' stash and i've felt really, really empowered (which sounds way over the top) but I have. So in any case that vellum is from the actually time the pic was taken. It's old. If you click on it you do get to see it in more detail, the title shows up better too... Check out my Uncle's haircut! Ha, ha!

I have gone back to looking at digi stuff on two peas. I Like the idea of not actually quitting paper scrapping *gasp* how could I consider it? ha ha. No. Just using the digi stuff, printing it out onto transparencies and paper and using it then. Two peas has some FABBY stuff but seens as I don't even understnad how to use it and open it once it's downloaded... I am gonna wait til Kev comes home.

I have been browsing Da Font too. Isn't finding funky cool fonts the best? I've found 25 I need NOW and lots more i'd like but know i'll never use. And so, seens as I can't do downloading... I don't understand where they get stored to and I have to move them to... It's another job for Kev.

Emily spent alittle more Crimbo money at the weekend too. She decided upon the Charlie and Lola DVD. We have watched it around 10 times now... I love Charlie and Lola but it ia getting alittle too much atm. Still she is absolutely loving it. It is her favourite and her best...

I got this book too, in the amazon sale. It's not really a reading book. It's a picture book with a little heart-felt reading. This guy cuts it all from paper. It's pretty neat.

And I cannot work my photoshop! I so want to be able to really use it. REALLY use all of it rather than just doing tiny photo jobs on there. I know it can do so much more. My mission is to learn alittle more about it... as hard as that may be. I think i'm a techno dummy. Thats why I think digi will be good for me in the way i'd learn boring photoshop stuff while doing something creative and lurverllllly....

Still job hunting. Still being drove insane with it all.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the job hunt - believe me, I know how frustrating it can be!
My husband is REALLY good with photoshop. I'm asking him to write me up some tutorials. If he does, I'll email them to you.
And I like what you say about your lo's taking on a life of their own. That's so true!

michelle said...

Leslie's husband does everything for us, but he has taught me a few things that I still use. If you find some good photoshop techniques, please email me, too and I will do the same. glad to hear Ben is doing better, that makes me happy. have a good one sister.