Thursday, 10 January 2008

More Random~ness. More TMI.

This was Emily, Kev's mum and Eloise on Crimbo day. It's a naff photo, more of a snap BUT it just shows how much fun my little ladybird had. And what makes me crack up is they were dancing to one of those cheesey plastic singing ducks... which Emily makes a bee-line for the minute she gets into her Nans.

We're still under quarantine, or ought to be. Kev has parents evening tonight and so he is most probably going to inflict all our germs on them. Ben did the most magnificent (if it can ever be that) puke last night. I think there wasn't much in our lounge it didn't touch. The rug was awash and so our house has that floral puke smell today. Ha ha. It sounds worse than it is.

I did manage some scrapping last night ~ which i'm fairly shocked by. I just can't seem to finish anything atm (or start, for that matter) I tried and i'm not sure I suceeded in anything spectacular but I just needed an evening of free creativity and a break from mopping up... yes back to that again, sorry... I will post pics later, once i've taken them...


michelle said...

I cannot handle the puke. I was fortunate that the boys never got that projectile vomiting but maybe once - of course, my husband had to clean it up cause I don't do puke. Today starts my weekend. hope to get working on some pages and altering stuff. hope everyone feels better.

Anonymous said...

I had never heard the word Crimbo before. I had to look it up :) You Brits have the best words! tee hee