Monday, 28 January 2008

Everything crossed.

I have just this minute had a phone call.

It's the one I was hoping for.

It's not the best of best news... but it's a start.

I have a second interview tomorrow at 10am!

So keep EVERYTHING crossed for me. I want this job so much. I need this job so much. For me, for us as a family, for the money and just for the sake of actually making the most of my life. Which sounds weird but after 4 years of being 'mum'. I am NOT making out being a SAHM isn't important but I just want some more!! And I think this job is the job I want.

So think of me tomorrow. I will be nervous. I will be stressed. I know how much I panic over little things and this is a biggie for me. I am waffling so I know i'm already nervous. I am off now to work out and read the 27 minimum care standards. Yes, I know. Keen. Well I am.


sunshine and curls said...

good luck will be thinking of you XX

michelle said...

yeah! good luck! you can do it, you know what your doing. I'm so happy for you and praying, praying , praying@!