Thursday, 31 January 2008

Take Note...

I have had this fabric paper for ages now. It's been sat all lonely in a little sealed cello bag and unused, until now. I know it's hardly the 'right' design for a note book, as it's not going to be an art notebook at all. But I love it and I hardly ever use red on LO's. I just can't make red work. And it's hard wearing, cute and will remind me (partly) why i'm working... to buy cute art and scrapping supplies.
My poor little BIA was used again. she doesn't like the chipboard I have, it's super thick and she doesn't like it one bit. She doesn't like fabric paper either. She has a tough life.

And so Kev has an open evening tonight, so it's me and the kiddos all day. Surprisingly today, they are playing fairly nicely together. We've had two fights over a cardboard box (yes, all the toys they have and they bicker over a box) !

The weatherman says we're going to have snow storms this weekend. Really?? I hope not. I hate it when it snows, well ok not when it snows just when it's either the mushy slushy brown slop afterwards OR the deathly ice cause someones trod it all in and overnight it's frozen. You can guarantee i'm the one who slips over. I hear you all laughing already ;)


HEBA said...

I like the Note book , so much

michelle said...

I love your notebook! I love using red! It's pink that I can't get a grip on. Well, I'm off today and it's just me and Sean and his transformers book I've read for the, uh 10 millionth time already, but he isn't fighting with have fun!