Sunday, 24 June 2007

Another creation!

This LO is a photo I have used before but I just love it soooo much. I love seeing Kev and Ben together like this, it reminds me of how small he was and how cute the pair of them used to look asleep on the sofa together. It's another using that same old cocoa daisy kit. (Lovin' the see d's stamps that were in that kit and just wanting to emboss in gold with them)
Went to my MIL today and Emily saw her cousins there... she was super cute telling them 'i love you Holly... i love you Aidan... i love you Dan' ... she really really really cried when they left to take Aidan to his diving lesson. And then tonight Ben went to bed before Emily! It's the first night and I don't anticipate he will again any time soon but he did wake at 3pm and so by 7pm he was absolutely shattered. Emily was as pleased as punch to have a later night!
Also check out and see the fabby kit pics she has posted!!! I was sooooo shocked that she has all these kits that she never uses... ooooh they are super gorgeous and if I thought I would have time to use it I would sign up ... but I know I wouldn't.
Happy Sunday!

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michelle said...

that is a great layout.. the photo is fabulous and looks awesome with that paper