Wednesday, 20 June 2007

It's here!!!

As you can see the SoML kit arrived this morning, after some fretting that it may have got lost! No it was just passing through customs and coming to me!!! And worst news is it came at 9am... my two littlies don't go to sleep until 2pm!!! I have a l-o-n-g time to wait until I can really get it out and check all those little details out and really enjoy it.

But it is so cool... this time Sara had used the funky tape to wrap around my brown paper package, it looked so funky! And the hambly rub ons! Wow... I just think they are the best quality rub ons on the market at the mo. They truly are so easy to use, no need for popeye muscles to rub these on!

And the stamps that Sara designs are super super super cool! I just am loving them so much - if you check out her blog (you can get to it from she has next months on there and boy, they are the best yet!!! There is a gnome! Mushrooms! and a Hedgehog!!! How super cool will they be???
And I know it's more love,elsie but it is just one of the best ranges I have seen for a long long time. This range along with the creative imaginations stationary type stuff and the cool scenic route funky bright bird paper have to be my ALL time faves...


Jen said...

i don't know how you found be, but thnx for stopping by! you will absolutely LOVE working with this SoML kit..have a fab time!

Helsbells said...

I got my kit yesterday and I love it!!!!

It is packed with so many fabby things - I'm so glad that I stumbled across your link to this :D

Great work with it so far.