Friday, 8 June 2007

Lunch with a ladybug...

Ladybug Nina (from UKS!) came around this morning and stayed for lunch... we chatted scrap for the whole time! It was bliss! She also very kindly gave me a whole heap of ribbon - and I mean HEAP! (I will add piccies later once my littles have gone to sleep!) ... Now I am kicking ideas around to use it.

I am so happy that she has a little crafting job too! Just when we thought our dreams would never come true -they have. We must be loved. I am totally stoked that she is happy and enjoying they way her life is heading, today was a totally good day.

So now I have bellies to feed (the food cycle never ends when you have kids!) and seens as Emily ate no lunch except three, yes THREE cookies... She is having a healthy plate full of goodies tonight. Ben needs milk and grub and then the feeding of the Daddy will begin too!

And this little few bits of funky 80's fabric came from ebay... thinking i'm gonna TRY and make a funky bag with it but not too sure how great it'll turn out!!! I'll keep you all posted!


Nina said...

I had a lovely time hun. We must do it again!

michelle said...

these are gorgeous.. can't wait to see what you make!