Sunday, 10 June 2007

A little upset!

I logged on this afternoon to see a rather hurtful comment suggesting that I had taken an image from her blog and put it onto mine without her consent. I am hurt by this. Firstly I recieved it from a friend and not from this said persons blog. Secondly she in turn took the image from the BBC's website and so it is avaliable for everyone to see, she added the text by a comp prog and voila! The image has gotten me into such a mess.

I don't appreciate being called a theif. I think it's pretty damn mean. ESPECIALLY when the pictures are similar but aren't the same!


Nina said...

Hugs hun. x

Polly said...

I have not deleted your first comment for me to see, I have nothing to be sorry for. I deleted the comment around the image post simply because I feel that putting just horrid things on my blog mean.
I have identified to you that the image is different, which you seem not to acknowledge.
As for you not getting from the BBC website, this is where the image I have was from and altered by a friend who sent to me.
I am going to delete your comments from now on as I feel it is becoming nasty. I have apologised to you if you have felt that it was 'taken' from your blog - even when it clearly wasn't!

michelle said...

wow! what is happening?

leslie said...

Don't let it get you down! You know the truth, that 's all that matters. And no one here thinks you are a thief :)