Wednesday, 13 June 2007

This was Emily yesterday..

Enjoying the sunshine and our garden... running free in a summer top and knickers (we tend to find skirts/trousers make her forget that she has no nappy on...!) and her crocs - which are too big but you know what a girls like with new shoes...

The mood soon changed though and she was off sulking... the life and trauma's of being two. It's a hard life. I don't even know what it was about but she sure was cross!

Then at bedtime she had a huge accident. I about laid an egg! She was mucking around in a blanket (as kids do at bedtime) and slipped. Her face landed smack on the skirting board and I heard the most almighty thud. I have never moved so quickly. I scooped her up and yikes - blood everywhere. You mothers know how we try not to panic our kids and so just held her close and hugged, thinking if she saw the blood there'd be even more tears and panic... So she had put her tooth through her lip and it swelled to the size of a grape on her lip. It was sore. She didn't find much comfort in her milk or doodie... Poor little mite.

This is it this morning:

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michelle said...

omg! i'm glad she's okay! poor baby