Thursday, 21 June 2007

My creativity is boooooooooming!

This LO i've had done for a while but have just been flat out this week with things to do and stuff that really I have been neglecting my creativity uploads... if you get me! I'm busy with housework (boo!) ... And just when you think life is turning out just fine something knocks you back and you realise - or at least I have that maybe i'm a little too trusting and wear my heart on my sleeve alittle too much... in someways it's a good thing but i'm finding out this week it maybe isn't. Hmmmmm serious stuff, eh!
Well... I made this LO for one of our team challenges on UKS ... hope you girlies like it!

I'm hoping to get this LO finished tonight!!! I am just loving the SoML kit this month. I love the love,elsie stuff but especially love all the little quirky bits Sara has added. The super cool tape gun thingie and the black velvet shaped ribbon... and all the litte pieces. Truly my fave kit ever!

I am digging deep into my old piccies - that are before my digital camera days. This one was taken in 1999, when I was just 19! It honestly seems like yesterday in some ways but a life time in others. As you can see I did hide the journalling - I feel my life back then was probably alittle too wild to write it all down anyhow (I still have all my diaries from back then and they ARE cringe-worthy!) ... Just thought the elsie stuff went well with those wild and carefree days...

Here is a LO made with the storykits stuff - you know I ordered super loads because I didn't even know that they exsisted until about a month ago... I have had this picture for an age... well, since my mum died i've had it and i've always wanted to scrap it. I just don't think I was ready until last week. You know my life had been a little low of late - it had gotten pretty stagnant and things were just running on a level. Then things changed, things started looking up and you know - I felt ready to open my heart and do this picture that I absolutely cherish justice (I hope I have, anyhow)... Things have taken a down turn since and not anything really dreadful just my hopes and dreams are gonna have to be put on hold maybe because I feel that a few setbacks might be coming my way, but hey life is like that and i've looked back on this picture and remembered what a fighter my mum was, she survived two abusive relationships, breast cancer twice with two mastectomies and had three girls who are strong and independant women.
I am so proud to have had her as my mother, she taught me alot. And I super love how absolutely cool she looks here - all Audrey Hepburn-esque.

This is the LO I made yesterday with my brand spankin' new SoML kit! I am just lovin' the kitsch little Japanese stickers and bits! WOW! I am just loving it all - Sara you ROCK GAL! The sequins and everything are just so bloomin' cute.....


Jo said...

Can see why you treasure the photo of your mum so much - it really is beautiful! She sounds like she was a truely special and inspiring woman. From what I've seen of you so far, you definately take after her.

Loving your challenge LO too, and the Butlins one - you really are super creative at the moment - if you have any going spare, let me know!

michelle said...

you are on fire girl! these are so awesome these layouts! you mom sounds fabulous, you should totally make her the subject of laurie circle journal when you get it..