Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Woooooo HOOOO!

I have made something...!
But I am not posting a piccie as it is a gift for someone and I know that they look at my blog. Once i've given it to them I will post piccies...!
Other than that I haven't got my sewing machine out- We went a did a weekly shop instead! (oooh the excitement of it all)... But at least my kids can eat now. Emily had a treat for tea and Ben chucked up while we were all eating (great!) That really sums up how productive I have been today.
I have had problems buying stuff too - I brought some crafty/scrapping stuff from a blog back in April (23rd) and paid straight away via paypal... Well to cut it short I still haven't got the stuff and she hasn't issued me a refund. After over two months of emails I have put in a claim via paypal for the amount. I also found out that someone else has had exactly the same done to them but for a higher amount - so now i'm not doubting that she didn't even bother to send the items at all. Feeling pretty miffed about it really. It's a pretty mean thing to do.

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michelle said...

can't wait to see what you made! and you are one patient lady cause I would have lost my mind back in May!